Pastoral Christmas Letter 2023

Dear Beloved Members of The Salvation Army White Rock,

As we draw near to the joyous season of Christmas, both Captain Aejin and I feel immensely blessed to be part of this vibrant community. Though we have only been with you for a few months, the warmth, faith, and spirit of togetherness we have experienced here are truly heartening. With our combined years in pastoral care, every new chapter in our ministry continues to deepen our commitment to serving God and His people.

This Advent, a season of expectant waiting and preparation, invites us all to reflect and to embrace the essence of Christmas. The story of this season, brimming with hope, love, and new beginnings, mirrors our journey as a church family. It reminds us of the importance of unity, understanding, and looking forward with hope and optimism.

Christmas, a time of gathering and celebration, inspires us to come closer as a community, to share in the joy and peace of our faith. It’s a period for reconciliation, for understanding, and for renewing our commitment to each other and to our shared values. As we celebrate the birth of Christ, let us also celebrate the birth of new possibilities within our church.

We encourage each of you to embrace the spirit of this festive season. Let’s extend to each other kindness, patience, and support, recognizing that these are the most precious gifts we can offer. Let’s cherish the diverse talents and perspectives within our church, for they are what make our community so special.

Together, Aejin and I are dedicated to fostering an environment of open dialogue, mutual respect, and shared growth. We are here to listen, to guide, and to walk with you on our spiritual journey. Our aim is to forge a path that reflects the teachings of our faith and the legacy of our church.

As we celebrate this season of joy and wonder, we extend to you and your families our warmest wishes for a blessed and merry Christmas. May this time of festivity bring you peace, happiness, and a renewed sense of purpose in our shared faith journey.

Merry Christmas, and may God’s blessings be upon us all.

With warm regards,

Dae-Gun Kim & Aejin Jeong

Captains / Pastors


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